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Top 3 Dating Sites in Thailand, #2 is Free!



There are many ways to communicate with girls in Thailand. If you are not the type to approach a girl in person, then the internet could be a good option. Or you could use this to set up something with a girl(s) before you arrive.

I have used all the websites featured below and I have put them in order of which ones I find to be the most effective.

1. Thai Love Links



This is hands down the best dating website in Thailand. You will see it time and time again all over the internet. At first I thought it was a scam (as I do with most things on the internet) but I can assure you it is not. The thing I like most about this site is the number of girls who have profiles on the site and that most of them are logging in daily. The girls on this site range in age from 18-45. But there are some exceptions to that age range. I have used this site many times and it has proved to be very successful for me.

In fact, for my first trip to Thailand, I made quite a few connections with Thai girls on Thai Love Links. I actually had a girl come to the airport to meet me when I arrived. Not only did I have some company when I first arrived at the airport, she also had her own apartment which she offered me to stay in for however long I wanted.

If you want a good response from girls, make sure you upload a picture. This is crucial!

Now, the downside… Thai Love Links is a paid website. You can browse profiles for free but either you or the girl has to be a subscriber to be able to message one another. Keep in mind that very few Thai girls have paid memberships. The site averages about $30 per month and the longer you subscribe, the cheaper per month your subscription will be.

Also, not every girl on here speaks good English. But the majority will be able to communicate enough for basic conversation. I have learned from experience that just because a girl is not able to write good English, she can surprise you in person by speaking quite well. So, do not always judge a book by its cover.

These guys have a good track record and have many sites under similar type names which basically cater to ethnicity specifically.



2. Thai Love Lines




Wait didn’t I mention this one already? Well, sort of. Let me explain that Thai Love Links and Thai Love Lines are two different sites operated by two different companies. If they do have affiliation, I am not aware of it. Thai Love Lines is a lot like Thai Love Links in many ways. Similar layouts and they seem to be constructed almost exactly the same. There are some bugs on the site but nothing too bad that it should interfere with your experience. The amount of girls logging into the site is not always high but there is still a good amount.

This site is a free site. Just simply fill out some basic info, upload a picture and start chatting away. I would recommend this site for sure.

Well, it is not entirely free, but you can do quite a bit with the free membership. Feel free to upgrade and get some more features. Operates a lot like Thai Love Links.

3. Date in Asia


This site is a free dating site. It allows you to create your own profile. Same song and dance, we have heard it all before. So, what makes this site stand out? Well, number one, its free. The second reason is that this site is not specifically built for Thai girls looking for foreigners. There are girls here interested in Thai guys also. So I feel like if you are looking for a somewhat more “localized” vibe, then I would recommend this one. The English level here is moderate but can sometimes feel to drop astronomically the longer you spend on the site.

The downside, this site features all countries in Asia. Therefore, you will have to filter through the girls if you want to focus exclusively on Thai girls only.

All together, it is a great site. Just like any, it has it flaws, but it is definitely worth a look.

Oh, did I mention that it is free?



Most of the girls on the websites will usually ask you to Skype after you have been talking for a while. So please make sure the picture you upload is you. Also, chatting on Skype with a girl is actually a good idea because it will give you the chance to see what she really looks like and you can see how well you two communicate with one another.

In conclusion, all the sites mentioned above are all great sites. They all have good and bad. But they all get the job done and that is really the goal in the end. You probably noticed that I have a lot more to say about Thai Love Links than the others. Well, simply put, it has provided me with the most success with the least amount of effort.





“the Little Black Book of Thailand”




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